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Helen Lederer


Not That I'm Bitter

a truly, madly, funny memoir

You may or may not be aware that I’ve written a memoir.

Star swirl

“Dizzy, dippy and divinely funny Helen Lederer takes you on an insanely readable tour through her chaotically wonderful life. Under her costume of the madcap and the daft, there ticks a very, very smart brain and there beats a most warm and kindly heart. It’s a wonderful read.”
- Stephen Fry

“I invite you to imagine a time when women didn’t do comedy unless they were fat, or an impressionist, or enabled by a man. Be happy you weren’t around in the ’80s. But I was. I need to write this.”


If you would like to order a book, I will love you for ever. I realise ‘for ever’ is a tricky concept, but you can assume my love for you will be in play for at least the next five years - possibly more. Click on these why don’t you - before they sell out.     

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