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Ageing? Moi ...

To HRH Prince Charles 2017 (me as Miss Piggy) from me with Rik 1990 (me as prostitute).  A lifetime of sex, theft, heartache and bits of money has passed in between.

This is also called  'AGEING without dignity  but lots of hope’  - and I feel these words form my mission statement for survival without vanity. Yes it’d be nice to turn up thinner, less creased and puffy - but that would mean I have to give up on crisps and vodka …. and if I cut down - will my work be also lessened..?  Allow me my delusional justification for continuing to live in the fast lane in bars, literary festivals and eateries until I drop…

Next festival where I shall be eating, talking and drinking is here in IRELAND …and after that I’m here  …watch out world - get me a bigger seat…


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