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Drooling over art in Glasgow

Found myself in Glasgow recently - actually I went there on purpose on a no frills plane (so no frills I had to request a pilot) to chime with Glasgow International Comedy Festival.  This was to learn modern skills for my Edinburgh debut in August - not copying mind - just saluting the greats …

Snuck in to gallery Artpistol - here I am with my mouth open as ever, to drool over a rather witty exhibition of portraits of Scottish comedians.

While I was drooling, I managed to sneak my memorabilia upon them - a war time VHS of NAKED VIDEO and a draft sitcom by clever writer  Ian Pattison (with artistic crossings out for extra cachet) - raising funds for MND Scotland.

Below I’m pointing at art on the page in a meaningful manner – ‘the sitcom that got away’ (new title)

And next is a masterpiece (in oil, darling) by TOP Artist Andrew Colthart of myself doing doggy and being prostrate over a landmark.

As you know the statue of the Duke of Wellington is never seen without a traffic cone upon his head (as per below).

Some say this is the real thing …. but for me ’Life imitates art’ (co-opted quote from a monologue I did in Naked Video written by Ian Pattison).

At least my hair has been fertilised while I checked out these Scottish greats -such as Elaine C Smith and Janey Godley.

Pointing at mine again so sorry…. especially when there’s some right artistic figurines in pencil on the down below area…


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