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Envious and disappointing behaviour

Oh dear – the day AFTER everyone else is supposed to be depressed - I get a downward whammy of envy: on BOTH channels this morning are female actresses talking smugly (ok not smugly – just being pleased, as well they might –  anyone has to look pleased when they are talking about a job that other people have paid for - let’s be fair – let’s not  ).  One is talking about women of a CERTAIN AGE … like we’re all supposed to be pleased this has happened.  AND she’s YOUNGER than me. (Not difficult: I’m currently blessed if I catch a part as a walk-on OAP on meths.  ) and the other - is a smiling actress very chuffed indeed to be in a play with a famous person -  had to switched over before I learned any more … Worse next door are now sawing and banging in a loud and purposeful way which triggers a memory of trying to finish my novel while they hammered out there flicking kitchen tiles. I’m owning a hatred of their building needs which manifests in violence to my own wall and vocal chords.     

I hope this has cheered everyone up? I’ve put a picture up of me being very young and sexually active out of masochism.  Drinks anyone? Love helen xx


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